Season 5 Episode 4 – Craig Herd | Heart of Dad

Season 5 Episode 4 – Craig Herd

Beyond the Horizon

In this episode, I interview Craig Herd.

Craig Herd has been called The Business Architect.  He works exclusively with Family Men to build a business and life that works.

Craig is also host of the “Built to Last” podcast where he shares battle hardened, apex strategies and stories to help men level up when they are tired of the “Hustle.”

He  lives in Scotland, with his wife and son.

In this episode, we discuss

  • Fatherhood as leading by example
  • Giving people a track to run on
  • How meeting Simon Sinek changed everything he thought about leadership
  • The crisis in 2017 that led him to a fresh start in life
  • Working in a warehouse to make ends meet
  • The consequences of not being honest with ourselves
  • Rewriting our self-story
  • Getting addicted to progress
  • Resisting change
  • His inspiring vision for his family and business life
  • The grief and loss of multiple miscarriage
  • What men need to do to manage themselves in crises better

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The Heart of Dad Group is an active community of business owning dads who want to find more harmony between work and home.

If you’re an ambitious business owning dad who finds it difficult to balance all that life has to offer, then we have something for you. Each week, we dive into what you can do to:

  • Love your work and business, like it used to be before you had kids, but without burning out
  • Feel like family life is both front and centre and fun, rather than a chore
  • Feel in great physical and mental shape, so you can put yourself first, without feeling guilty or feeling selfish

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