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Coaching for entrepreneur, consultant and senior leader dads...

You're an entrepreneur, consultant or senior leader and you're also a dad... 

  • You feel torn between your drive and ambition and wanting to show up for your family
  • You wrestle with guilt about how and where you spend your time 
  • You hate your grumpy self but can't seem to shake it off
  • You feel resentment when you can't throw yourself 100% into your business or work but guilty when you do
  • You feel  ashamed when you get overwhelmed and find it hard to tell anyone if you're not coping
  •  You agonise over how it 'should feel' being a dad and how it really does feel
  • You feel like your time is no longer your own; you're either up to your neck in work or going along for the ride on a social agenda you didn't set for yourself
  • You get home and all you want to do is veg out on the sofa and pour yourself a drink, staving off the guilt and shame, doing so

What if you could...

  • Regain  your feeling of control and mastery in your life?
  • Really show up for your kids and partner without it feeling like another obligation?
  • Feel lighter about life and have more fun?
  • Find balance and a deep peace within yourself to accept all that life brings you?
  •  Create the results you're looking for in all areas of your life without having to sacrifice either your family life or your business?

I know this place well. I’ve been there, feeling like I was going through the motions at home and underachieving at work. Not really getting why I never felt satisfied.

At my core, feeling like I was screwing up on all fronts. Never prioritising my family or my relationships and never fulfilling my dreams in my business and work.

Always restless and wanting more or different. Acting out with overwork or unhealthy eating, trying to get away from the pain and discomfort. Being that grumpy, reactive dad and partner I swore to myself I'd never become.

What saved me?

Two things.

Having spent tens of thousands over many years of personal development but never finding anything that really stuck and made a permanent difference, I came across a transformational new understanding of how life and people work.

In a remarkably short period, I went from being someone who lived extraordinary highs and lows, mood swings and struggles, agonising with guilt, low moods and anger to far greater peace of mind. I understood where and how my distress was being created and how to be free of them. My relationships improved dramatically and my creativity and output felt easier and fun rather than effortful and hard.

Secondly, the transformational power of working with a coach who really got me, my pain, my stuckness. Someone who also saw the light in me and believed in my right to live a deep and rich life, fulfilled at home and in my business.

Now I'm on a mission to help other dads to be able to really show up for their kids and partners while still creating the results they want in their work life. It doesn't have to be an impossible balance.  Peace of mind, fulfilment, presence, fun, lightness are all achievable, I really want you to know that.

If you're a dad and a senior leader or entrepreneur who's struggling with being the dad and leader you want to be, and you'd like to find a way out of what feels like a trap to live your life with freedom and getting the results you want, get in touch for a free initial consultation.