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The Heart of Dad

Dads are under more pressure than ever. To be a breadwinner. To be a role model for their children in an uncertain world. To show up for them, when there are so many pulls. To be a loving and supportive partner. To live life purposefully, making every day count.

And yet some of what we long for, is the hardest to get consistently...

Deep connection with our kids 

Closeness and intimacy with our partner

Presence without being lost in projects, to do lists, future plans

Fulfilment of our deepest dreams and ambitions while still showing up for our family

We end up living in the shadows...

Dancing with frustration

Canning anger or acting it out

Grumpy, reactive, resentful

I want you to know you're not alone. The Heart of Dad Podcast is the part of a deeper vision to bring about a movement for dads who want to live a more purposeful life, who want to be deeply connected with their kids and partners while also fulfilling their ambitions and dreams for their work and businesses.

What is Heart of Dad about?

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Heart of Dad Podcast

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Join us for our regular podcast where we dive deeply into what is it be an entrepreneur, a consultant, a senior leader and a dad.

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