Season 5 Episode 2 – Chris Fenning | Heart of Dad

Season 5 Episode 2 – Chris Fenning

Relentlessly Revealing

In this episode, I interview Chris Fenning

Chris Fenning is a husband, father, and author, on a mission to improve the communication between IT and business teams.

Chris believes that everyday interactions, project progress, and company profitability, can all be improved by helping IT professionals become great communicators. 

Over the past fifteen years Chris has worked in more than fifteen countries on three continents, and helped businesses in six different industries.

He has helped improve the communication skills of individuals and teams around the world in organizations from start-ups to FTSE 100 and Fortune 50 companies.

When he isn't working you can find him walking in the countryside with his wife and daughter.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Finding adventure in lockdown
  • Living out of 4 suitcases
  • How fatherhood is relentlessly revealing
  • How infertility impacts 1 in 8 couples (and is largely unseen)
  • The daily conversation when you're trying to conceive 
  • The journey of 6 rounds of treatment
  • The lack of support for men
  • The scale of disruption to life
  • Miscarriage trauma
  • When Dani was caught in a terror incident 
  • The moment he thought he'd give up (and why he didn't)
  • The hidden suffering with infertility

You can find out more about Chris at or connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

His wife, Dani's blog is here:

Join us in our community at: and apply to be on the podcast here:

Join us in our community at: and apply to be on the podcast here: