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Season 4 Episode 9 – Coaching Tim Jameson

Coaching Tim

In this episode, I coach Tim Jameson

For the next few episodes, I'll be sharing some coaching sessions I've done with previous guests on the podcast. We dive deeply into a topic that's close their heart.

In this episode, I meet again with Tim Jameson who, at the time of recording in April 2020, was looking to launch his game-changing social media platform, but wrestling with challenges of time.

We explore together, what he really wants and needs, and what might be holding him back.

About Tim

Tim has a wide variety of interests and life experience, with musician and writer at the top of the list; he’s what some might call a “multipotentialite”.

He loves thinking and communicating about a variety of topics, ranging from philosophy and psychology, to leadership, emerging technologies and ‘the future world’.

Describing himself as an “insuppressible people ponderer”, Tim’s main aim is to help people slow down and reach a place of peaceful fulfilment within themselves, regardless of life circumstance.

Tim is also the founder of MakeLifeClick - a new values driven, social media platform.

Tim lives in Sussex with his wife and three children.

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