Season 4 Episode 8 – Esmond Baring | Heart of Dad

Season 4 Episode 8 – Esmond Baring

On Hope

In this episode, I interview Esmond Baring

Esmond is a transformational life coach and entrepreneur. Having spent more than a decade working in finance, he now bases himself in Bali where he is co-creating a psychedelic mental health start-up, and where he works as a transformational coach.

 He works especially with privileged and successful men between 35-55 years old, facilitating insight and clarity through a subtractive process of seeing through resistant and unrecognised thinking that may be in the way of realising dreams, and a fully emotional experience of life.

Esmond is passionate about supporting his clients to realising the truth of who they are, to a deeper connection with themselves, their women, their children, and lives fully lived.

Esmond is a father of one.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His move to Bali and starting 3 different businesses out there
  • His early life assumption that he'd be a salary man working in finance all his life
  • His transformational life experience in 2016 that started his journey to awakening
  • His boarding school experience that changed everything
  • Recognising the cycle of anxiety, shame, depression in his life
  • His relationship with his dad and the assumptions about his future
  • The trappings of wealth
  • Turning his back on golf
  • The conception of his daughter as the threshold for healing
  • Co-parenting his daughter
  • Exploring psychedelics for mental health
  • When things fell apart in 2019
  • The powerful Acacia Tree Ceremony that set him on new path of growth
  • His daughter's sensitivity to his depression
  • Finding full commitment to healing 
  • Finding the glimmer of light in depression and suicidal thinking

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