Season 4 Episode 7 – Richard Gordon Kelly | Heart of Dad

Season 4 Episode 7 – Richard Gordon Kelly

Finding Resonance

In this episode, I interview Richard Gordon Kelly

Richard Gordon Kelly (RGK) is a Father, Partner, Coach. His purpose is “making a difference in people’s lives”. Bringing his enthusiasm, positiveness to people and organisations by being committed to what makes them feel truly alive. 

Over, the past 20+ years’ in business with success in leading training, continuous improvements, and transformation programs.

Richard works with individuals, teams (sport & business) and organizations across a variety of fields. 

As a lifelong learner, Richard loves reading the latest research and practices in coaching, leadership, and organization development. 

He continues to grow in his understanding of the Three Principles. 

He has recently co-created the “Men Don’t Talk Group Belgium” and hosted several “The Power of Now Webinars” with the Entrepreneur’s Network.

Richard is a dad of 2.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The shock of separation and ensuing depression
  • His New Year's Eve revelation that changed everything
  • His daughter's inner wisdom when he was at a low ebb
  • His tough time with formal schooling
  • The relief of a dyslexia diagnosis and going to Uni in his 20s
  • A sacred and deep connection with his dad
  • Anger at his parents' illness and his loss
  • The inspiration behind his men's group initiative

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