Season 4 Episode 6 – Jamie Smart | Heart of Dad

Season 4 Episode 6 – Summit Preview with Jamie Smart

Fatherhood as Creativity

In this episode, I interview Jamie Smart

How to train your creativity muscle as a parent…

There was a time when I thought, I didn’t have it as a parent. That creative spark to make a game of anything. That ability to find the light and funny that diffuses a situation. That idea, that rescues the day (or at least the hour…!)

I started to see that there were some simple things getting in the way.

Anyone who follows Jamie Smart will know him as a master of creative expression in his work as a coach and a business owner. Prolific, nimble, innovative…And of course Jamie is a dad too.

So I thought, who better to explore the topic of creativity and fatherhood with me.

In this short episode, we  explore how creativity is one of the keys to finding deeper connection and peace of mind as a parent.

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