Season 4 Episode 5 – Devon Bandison | Heart of Dad

Season 4 Episode 5 – Devon Bandison

Fatherhood as Leadership

In this episode, I interview Devon Bandison

Devon Bandison is one of the most sought after personal and business coaches in the world.

He works with Fortune 100 Companies and people from all walks of life, including professional athletes and teams, CEO’s, salespeople, small business owners, film makers, producers, the top business and life coaches in the world and parents.

Devon was born and raised in New York City and shares the same energetic heartbeat, big personality and commitment to excellence as his hometown. Growing up, his love and hard work in sports resulted in him receiving a basketball scholarship to Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina.

After graduation he spent years working in the front lines of NYC. Devon worked with an organization responsible for developing behavioral health programs for youth, families and first-time fathers in some of the toughest neighborhoods throughout the city that never sleeps.

 As Director of this organization he was responsible for the clinical and leadership development of social workers, psychiatrists and managers in order to serve their clients. He also created leadership and organizational development programs during his tenure that led to him launching his own coaching company.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How fatherhood is leadership and leadership is influence
  • Checking our 'audio is matching our video'
  • The joy and ritual of pizza night
  • Making a different choice about experiencing divorce
  • The enduring power of love 
  • Letting go of seriousness and  control
  • The call to develop as dads
  • Sticking with his dad through very troubled times
  • Creating the possibility of different relationships with our family
  • Loyalty and integrity as the foundations of leadership in fatherhood
  • The paradox of true authenticity
  • Getting really clear on priorities to underpin a created life
  • The crucible moments in life that define us
  • Creating our legacy today, a step at a time
  • Finding 'space in between the notes' by slowing down
  • Co-creating the bridge  - the dialogue about inequality and finding identity
  • The risk of spiritually by-passing the reality of events in the world
  • The 'best seats in the house'

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