Season 4 Episode 12 – Dan Hall | Heart of Dad

Season 4 Episode 12 – Dan Hall

Leaning into Kindness

In this episode, I interview Daniel Hall

Daniel's story is one of going from struggle as a youth to being an inspiring, resilient dad, software engineer and mentor to foster parents. 

He grew up in foster care from ages 2 - 5, and was beaten, verbally abused and told he wouldn't amount to anything. Up until about 15 years ago, he didn't give a shit about anyone or anything.

He was eventually saved by the Hall family and his wife Tina.

Daniel has had a long career as a top-level software engineer and is a passionate advocate for fostering and adoption. 

Together with Tina, he has six adopted special needs children and he says they have been and continue to be his biggest teachers.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How he sees fatherhood as humbling
  • Coming from a traumatic childhood and how it affected his decision to. be a father
  • Learning he had a purpose in life
  • Flipping his upbringing to bring kindness into the world
  • Listening with more than your ears
  • Finding coding as his way into life
  • The struggle of putting the tech down when you have children
  • Reconnecting with his birth family
  • Training other foster parents
  • The moments when it becomes too much
  • Creating a ritual of forgiveness and appreciation
  • The power of random acts of kindness

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