Season 4 Episode 11 – David Foster | Heart of Dad

Season 4 Episode 11 – David Foster

Leading Your Life

In this episode, I interview David Foster

David Foster is a Master Coach, author and inspirational speaker.

Since 2012 he has helped business owners and coaches throughout the world create more balance, clarity and freedom so they can live inspired lives they love leading.

He specialises in helping ambitious coaches grow independent practices full of great clients without sacrificing balance so they have a growing business, better relationships with their family and enjoy all that life has to offer.

David has dedicated his life to being a present parent, creating a loving family unit and inspiring people all over the world connect with themselves and their families before it’s too late.

He lives in Essex with his wife, Trix, and their two sons, Rocco and Enzo.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The catalyst for major change in his life
  • The influence of his entrepreneur dad on his life choices
  • Creating a new business at the same time as the birth of his son
  • Finding his way into fatherhood
  • Male grief and loss through miscarriage
  • Seeing how our life is a function of the choices we make
  • The opportunities to create balance in life
  • Making and honouring commitments to what we want  in life
  • How our highest values determine where we place our attention
  • The discomfort we experience at the edge of change
  • Fatherhood and leadership

You can find out more about David at and on social media my searching for David Foster.

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