Season 4 Episode 2 – John Adams | Heart of Dad

Season 4 Episode 2 – John Adams

Creating a Voice

In this episode, I interview John Adams

John was a full time working dad working in Government comms until 2011 when he left his job to become his kids' main carer.

Over the years he has been a stay at home dad, worked part time and now works for his own micro-business running, current holder of the Online Influence Award Best UK Dad Blog.

He started the blog in 2012 to highlight the sexism and challenges he faced as a man holding the babies and it has steadily grown to become his sole source of income.

He is married to Gill who works f/t and have two daughters, Helen aged 11 and Izzy aged 8.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The absence of flexible working opportunities that led him to leave his job
  • The insidiousness of presenteeism
  • The impact of being a dad under lockdown
  • Having more time to reflect
  • Having  identity wrapped up in taking care of the family
  • Being concerned with what other men think
  • The loneliness of being a male carer
  • The imbalance in child care provision and support
  • The financial impact of stopping his career and the gender pay gap
  • Treading the fine line of privacy when blogging
  • The influence of his step-father in his life
  • Righting a childhood wrong; retaking his GCSE
  • Being a social media influencer
  • Reclaiming the agenda for dads

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