Season 3 Episode 9 Piers Thurston | Heart of Dad

Season 3 Episode 9 – Piers Thurston

Quality of Mind

In this episode, I interview Piers Thurston

Piers is the founder of Quality of Mind a pioneering way to enable exponential human potential. Piers has been a coach for 20 years and works with businesses and private clients. Piers is a Dad to 2 children.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • His pioneering  journey into coaching and his fascination with people
  • Finding his way through divorce
  • What feels real vs what is true
  • Resilience in the face of the enormous change
  • Getting unshackled to live life more richly
  • What 2 year olds have to teach us about experience
  • Managing the narrative of divorce with children
  • How to be the dad he wanted to be when not living with them
  • Not being attached to what your role of dad is
  • Guilt not being an effective behaviour modifier 
  • Kids are always providing feedback
  • Recalibrating his role as a dad post divorce
  • Using feelings as a compass for connection and flow: moving beyond justification and judgement
  • Whoosh vs drip-drip recalibration in life
  • Embracing the full 4D experience of life 
  • His relationship with his dad and the 5 generation family business
  • Navigating blended-family life

You can find out more about Piers at - Realising Exponential Human Potential
- - Unlocking Personal & Operational Performance
- Transformation Coaching for Private Clients
- - Harmonious Separation for couples
- - for an overview

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