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Season 3 Episode 7 – Nico Czinczoll

Coming Home

In this episode, I interview Nico Czinczoll

Nico Czinczoll managing partner of Core 42 and the founder of the Homecoming Academy.

He is a trusted advisor to executives and management teams of large corporations and hidden champions.

After a successful career in multi-national corporations he consults and coaches leaders at companies like Zalando, Infineon, BASF, Wintershall, Deutsche Bahn, Thalia,, BP, Gazprom, Bertelsmann and mid-size businesses.

Nico lives in Berlin with his partner and son.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • His work in organisational culture, body and psyche
  • His interests in psychology and computer science
  • His journey into contemplative practices to explore who he is in the world
  • Bringing better decision making and more awareness of body and psyche into the world
  • Our projections from childhood on to organisations and using models for decision making which are not fit for purpose
  • Getting to the heart of who we are in the world
  • Contemplative practice as a support for being a dad
  • The value of getting to know what throws us off the rails
  • How his practice supports him keep his equilibrium in life
  • Recalibrating his relationship with his own dad
  • The longing for a guide through life
  • The tension between the need for safety and edge in psychological development
  • The gift and choice of spending the first 7 months of his son's life at home
  • Finding balance in the family triangle and continually adjusting as needs involved
  • His commitment to be present with his son 

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