Season 3 Episode 5 John McIntosh | Heart of Dad

Season 3 Episode 5 – John McIntosh

Caring Deeply

In this episode, I interview John McIntosh.

John is an experienced HR Professional and a trained Executive Coach with a supervised practice.

Over the last ten years he's been working with businesses to understand the employee proposition, and deliver a range of solutions; latterly focusing on Employee Health and Wellbeing.

He's recently set up his own Wellbeing Strategy consultancy business... and is still finding his feet after 30 years in the corporate world.

John has 50/50 custody for his 11 year old son, who stays with him every other week.

John is also currently undertaking an MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing at the School of Medicine, Nottingham.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The difficulty of starting a business during the pandemic
  • Feeling a failure after his unexpected separation from his wife
  • Choosing not to be angry 
  • Coming to a 50% custody arrangement
  • Learning to put his oxygen mask on first and being able to ask for support
  • Being a really hands on dad
  • His unusual childhood, growing up in Latin America
  • How important relationships are to him
  • Putting himself in his son's shoes after the separation
  • Starting a new relationship and working through what that means as a parent
  • Realising he was overdoing it at work and his son was suffering
  • Learning to listen to his body and developing self-compassion

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