Season 3 Episode 3 Armando Cruz | Heart of Dad

Season 3 Episode 3 – Armando Cruz

Fit For Life

In this episode, I interview Armando Cruz.

Armando Cruz is a connoisseur of experiences. He's a husband, father, adventurer, best selling author. He's also an ultra-marathoner, lifestyle physical therapist, and legacy coach.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • His specialism in helping people shift out of chronic pain
  • Pivoting his business online during lockdown
  • Helping people have better relationships with their body
  • His realisation about missing out on a level of fulfilment took him in a new direction
  • Pushing through a period of serious depression and the risk of bankruptcy 
  • How a retreat in Thailand changed everything
  • Developing his RICH system.
  • The difference between how we behave with clients vs our families
  • Focusing each day on his big 3 questions: my time / family time / work time
  • His jazz quartet analogy for family life
  • Asking his children for their input on his relationship with them
  • Creating dad adventures

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