Season 3 Episode 2 Josh Bolland | Heart of Dad

Season 3 Episode 2 – Josh Bolland

Hunger For Success

In this episode, I interview Josh Bolland.

Josh is CEO of J B Cole and a digital transformation / digital evolution specialist focussed on the growth of Industry 4.0 in traditional Industry.

He helps B2B organisations increase revenue, improve efficiency and boost employee effectiveness through effective use of digital technologies and a robust digital strategy and approach.

Over the last 12 years of running J B Cole UK, Josh has worked on over 250 web and digital change projects with SME’s and a number of well-established brands and agencies around the world. Leading a team of talented and creative professionals has allowed him to bring these visions to life. 

In 2016 and 2017 he was awarded recognition in the BIMA100 for achievements in the digital industry whilst still under the age of 30 and currently sits as Chair of BIMA Manchester, helping shape the future digital sector in the region.

He also co-founded Hertfordshire’s leading digital network Digi-Cluster and co-hosts 9others roundtables in Manchester. Aside from his business, Josh is also the father of two beautiful young children.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Building his business with and around his family
  • Pivoting his business and being in the feeling of a start up
  • Being a lockdown dad - balancing not wanting to miss out on his kids and not missing out on himself
  • Managing overwhelm and the risk of burnout
  • Pushing through the tough times
  • Managing a business when you have a new born
  • Being more vocal about his own needs
  • The pressure of putting on a brave face
  • Creating a positive environment for his kids
  • Managing the fear of things going off the rails

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