Season 3 Episode 12 Marc Siles | Heart of Dad

Season 3 Episode 12 – Marc Siles

Intuitive Wisdom

In this episode, I interview Marc Siles

Marc works as Executive Coach & Agile Strategy Facilitator. 

He dedicates his passion and energy to enable companies to accelerate their strategic growth, leveraging agile frameworks to create a collective-learning culture. 

He is a former Senior Executive, investor, and a disruptive thinker, and he has mentored and trained teams around the globe; focusing mainly on deploying strategies in a disruptive way and training teams to develop a growth-mindset culture. 

The result is the creation of self-autonomous high-performance teams that drive innovative leadership capabilities to accelerate growth.

Marc is a dad of 1.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Quitting the corporate world and building his own business
  •  Making a choice to stay in Finland to be close to his daughter after his relationship ended
  • Having a values crisis that led him away from the corporate world
  • Writing your own funeral speech as a way of creating his vision
  • Focusing on what kind of father he wants to be 
  • His burnout experience at 30
  • The turning point, when he realised he couldn't be the dad he wanted to
  • Redesigning his life from scratch
  • The bigger the struggle, the more glorious the triumph
  • Being present with his daughter and others in his life
  • The Dead Sea and the Galilean Sea story - allowing the river of thought to flow to stay present
  • The oneness he felt with his daughter and his choice to stay in Finland after divorce
  • The grounding effect of being a Mediterranean man living in the north
  • Seeing his dad speaking when he was child as a key moment of inspiration for how we can influence others for the good
  • The positive impact of his grandparents on his life view and carrying his ancestors' legacy into the world
  • Deeper connection with oneness  as the source of all creativity and inner peace
  • Drawing out his life plan, aged 7 - never doubting that he would be ok, inspite of the fear of the friction that our egos create in life
  • Exploring the nature of life with his daughter 
  • Focusing on what really matters in your life - juggling rubber balls vs crystal balls

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