Season 2 Episode 9 Paul Hughes | Heart of Dad

Season 2 Episode 9 – Paul Hughes

Conscious Life Shift

In this episode I interview Paul Hughes

After starting his career in banking, Paul left his job to be a stay at home dad to 6 week old twin boys.

When they were 18 months old he decided to give up banking completely and train as a teacher (with the thinking that it would allow him to spend more time with his boys).

After a difficult divorce where Paul fought for and won 50/50 custody of his sons he then married Emily who, it transpired, he had initially met on his first day of teaching.

 Having added a daughter to their brood they are now parents to twin teenage boys and a pre teen girl!

Over the years Paul worked his way up to being a senior manager within teaching which inevitably meant he was now not getting the family time he desired.Between them Paul and Emily created the Parent Guide to GCSE which works with and supports parents in a way that schools do not.

Starting their business has enabled both of them to leave their jobs and look to a future where they dictate their schedules and therefore achieve the family time and business success that they both desire. 

We discuss:

The origins of his business and wanting more time with his children

The proving ground that helped him make the leap

Involving kids in decision making 

Being a business partner with his wife

Divorcing when his twins were 5

The battle for equal access and the inequality in the court system

The overwhelm of busy-ness

Forming a bond as a dad doing the early life care for his boys

Forging his own independence as a child while his parents were abroad

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