Season 2 Episode 8 Igor Furdik | Heart of Dad

Season 2 Episode 8 – Igor Furdik

From Fun Dad to Fine Dad

In this episode I interview Igor Furdik

Igor is a divorced and newly remarried father of two (18 and 15) who has been working for 25 years in IT sector despite of being just 44 years young. He says, as you can imagine the divorced part brought a lot of challenges into the process of building his relationship with his kids.

He says he made a lot of errors and was able to learn from them - the challenges are what pushes us forward, after all!

We discuss:

The bumpy ride of divorce

With little children how problems are little and with big children they are big!

Not taking gossip and criticism personally

Feeling torn between being 'fun dad' and the longing to be more present in his kids' lives

Building self-sufficiency in our children

Seeing that everyone is doing their best, given their state of mind

The unproductive cycle of guilt

Shifting and dehumanising perspectives in his relationship with his dad 

The power of deep listening

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