Season 2 Episode 5 Billy Mann | Heart of Dad

Season 2 Episode 5 – Billy Mann

The Power of the Heart

In this episode I interview Billy Mann

Billy Mann, Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Coach, Blogger, Soon to be Author and All-Round lover of life.

Billy has spent all of his life in business in one form or another. He literally grew up in his family business (we lived over it) and has worked serving people in one form or another as far back as he can remember.

People have always been his passion. As life has it, it took a life changing event to see something new and he has spent the last 10 years dedicated to understanding what it really means to enjoy our lives, creating what it is that reflects our joy.

Now, along with running a very successful salon with very happy staff (it's a really joyful place to work for us all) to helping others to find that sweet spot inside, he's busily creating a coaching business to help business owners discover what it means to really live and love their business and their staff.

Having spent 27 years employing people both as a freaked out, stressed out boss to having a more productive and profitable business taught him that people always come first and a great relationship with staff builds a great business...

That comes from being a great boss and that's not as tough as it may seem. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The seduction of working all hours
  • The slow shift of priorities
  • The health crisis that changed everything
  • How the quality of relationship with your kids is everything
  • Helping the family to evolve as needs change
  • Transforming his relationship with anger
  • A moment of the most poignant connection with his dad
  • The extraordinary redemption in his relationship with his mum after her death

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