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Season 2 Episode 12 – Ben Dueck

Gentle Strength

In this episode I interview Ben Dueck

Ben Dueck is a Canadian entrepreneur with a wide variety of experience throughout his career.

He started his first business as a teenager and has spent time in a variety of work environments ever since.

He has worked in the church, in non-profits, at a summer camp, in post-secondary education, in the Chamber of Commerce network, and as a small business owner more than three times, if you count his teenage venture.

To his everlasting regret, he missed the birth of his second daughter when he was taking courses for his Master of Arts in Leadership degree.

Above everything, he also enjoys being a father to three children (16, 10, and 5), and a husband to Kendra.

He is thankful is most recent entrepreneurial venture allows him to be at home more often to be a husband and father.

His most recent entrepreneurial venture is launching Cantera Leadership, where he focuses on helping to transform leaders, teams, and organizations.

He does this primarily through Executive Leadership Coaching, Team Workshops and Facilitation, and Employee Engagement Consultation.

In our episode, we discuss:

His diverse career before coaching

The tension between having a steady income and following your passion

Having 3 children at very different ages and stages

Being a dad while supporting his wife through post natal depression

The depth of his relationship with his own dad and being held to high standards

Strength building and playing to our strongest suit

Recognising and nurturing our children's talents

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