Season 2 Episode 11 Mark Sears | Heart of Dad

Season 2 Episode 11 – Mark Sears

Rewilding Fatherhood

In this episode I interview Mark Sears

Mark is a strategist, speaker and facilitator exploring meaning, purpose and participatory leadership through human rewilding and life centred design.

He spent 15 years growing purpose-led brands for Virgin as Head of Global Brand Strategy. Here he launched new Virgin companies around the world and advised and supported the unique ecosystem of Virgin brands to better embody the ‘mother’ brand values.

More recently he has been exploring and researching ‘wildness’ and how it can support a more meaningful engagement with the world.

During this time he brought together many of the UK’s biggest conservation and children's charities to create The Wild Network a people-powered movement to get kids outdoors.

Together they launched the feature length film Project Wild Thing which has been seen by 1.5 million people worldwide.

 Mark now creates experience led journeys to support agents of systems change by helping them to become more human, stepping into the wildest and best version of themselves as leaders.

Mark lives in Devon with this wife and two children

In our episode, we discuss:

In this episode we discuss:
Mark's Black Country heritage and his early connection with nature

Seeking connection in the mountains

Falling in love with the river Dart

Going in deeper connection with ourselves through our connection with places

Mid life transitions and how you show up for your kids during your own crises

Our children's gift of being in the present

Dealing with turbulence in his career

Creating space for connection

The anger that arises when our inner child isn't met

Early warning signs of overwhelm

How the past can show up an impact our lives

How we can create the conditions for our children to discover themselves

The importance of thresholds, coming into manhood

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