Season 1 Episode 8 Martin Morrison | Heart of Dad

Season 1 Episode 8 – Martin Morrison

The Path to Redemption

 In this episode I interview Martin Morrison.

Martin Morrison is a ghostwriter, editor, speaker and coach who specialises in mindset transformation, mental programming and helping others discover how to live a more purposeful life.

His slogan is "Express Your Truth With Clarity", and Martin ensures he is expressing his truth clearly in everything that he says or does.

Martin's own physically and emotionally violent childhood taught him that we all face challenges whether we close up into a ball or go out fighting.

He chose to take the bull by the horns and live his life as authentically as possible.It would be decades before Martin finally managed to clear out all the negative "programs" implanted into his mind as a child, the subconscious self-loathing, but once he began his own journey of mindset transformation, the effect it had on his own life was profound.

Now he helps others to do the same.

Martin is a father to 4 children.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The journey into entrepreneurship
  • How martial arts are a route to mindfulness
  • The joy of going with the flow
  •  The impact of relationship breakdown before the birth of his daughter
  • Adjusting to being a time-sharing dad and the pressure of comparison
  • How having children forced him away from alcoholism
  • Going beyond breakdown and depression
  • The perils of emphasising things that don't matter
  • The turning point when a mentor pointed him to a truth about his own father
  • How a difficult moment with his son over maths homework opened his eyes to a situation that was going off track
  • The spiritual and physical redemption that came through a commitment to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

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