Season 1 Episode 7 Giles Croft | Heart of Dad

Season 1 Episode 7 – Giles Croft

The Beauty of Insight

 In this episode I interview writer, speaker and coach Dr Giles Croft.

Giles is a psychology graduate and former NHS surgeon who spent more than a decade exploring a number of career paths, including healthcare information management, cycling journalism, public speaking and opening a high street shop with his wife.

His curiosity about the human condition led him to coaching and a deeper dive into how our psychology works from the inside-out.

He now works with clients to help them resolve stress related conditions, without recourse to medication.

His greatest teacher is his 5 year old daughter, Rhonwen.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How being in the work doldrums opened up his relationship with his daughter
  • How finding balance is no longer the issue, it's about presence
  • The joy of going with the flow
  •  How losing and finding a ballet shoe provided an extraordinary turning point in his life
  • How dropping labels for experience, including bad moods, frees us up to be present and feel more alive
  • What to do when you lose the plot
  • The lightness of not taking difficult times so seriously 
  • Why making time for yourself is so important

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