Season 1 Episode 6 Jason Oates | Heart of Dad

Season 1 Episode 6 – Jason Oates

Growing Into Fatherhood

 In this episode I interview business owner and podcaster Jason Oates.

Jason has been married to Laura for 20 years. They have 3 children Luke 17, Rachel 15, and James 12.  

Jason is an active Sport Coach and has coached over 80+ Seasons from youth to college athletes, as well as being a Personal Performance Coach.

He's the creator and host of 'Whistle and a Clipboard Podcast' which he's been running for 5 years.

Jason is also the Co-owner of Fusion Contractors LLC, a general construction company with 14 years in business. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How children can be a release from the stress and worries of work
  • How having your children involved in your work can foster a sense of pride and skills
  • The myth of busy-ness and how it's all a matter of priority and perception
  •  How guilt is sometimes just a story we're buying into
  • His changed relationship with anger and seeing how in most situations, it makes things worse
  • The impact of miscarriage on your relationship
  • The profound and empowering moment you accept you will be known as a father
  • Coping with anxiety that your child will come to harm, as a new dad
  • Finding connection in the ritual of breakfast
  • The pitfalls of coaching your own children and seeing the wisdom they have to share

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