Season 1 Episode 3 Tim Jameson | Heart of Dad

Season 1 Episode 3 – Tim Jameson

The Joy of Work-Life Integration

 In this episode I interview my friend and ex colleague Tim Jameson.

Tim has a wide variety of interests and life experience, with musician and writer at the top of the list; he’s what some might call a “multipotentialite”.

He loves thinking and communicating about a variety of topics, ranging from philosophy and psychology, to leadership, emerging technologies and ‘the future world’.

Describing himself as an “insuppressible people ponderer”, Tim’s main aim is to help people slow down and reach a place of peaceful fulfilment within themselves, regardless of life circumstance.

Tim lives in Sussex with his wife and three children.

In this episode we discuss:

How we can be on a track to burning out without seeing it

When we get to living in survival mode

How it's about work-life integration, not balance

The moment he realised his family was getting the last of the fruits of his energy and what change that prompted

How we can give clients more attention than we do to ourselves and our families

How we can be successful at work but not at home

Choosing not be like our dads, when it comes to parenting

Why 'go and talk to your mum' is a route to experiencing delayed guilt

The risks around exasperating your children

The unexpected opportunity for connection offered through a child's nightmare 

Adjusting expectations around personal freedom and environment

Making space for your relationship when you have teens

Decluttering your life to consciously make quality time with your children​​​


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