Season 1 Episode 2 - Stephen Walsh | Heart of Dad

Season 1 Episode 2 – Stephen Walsh

Not Falling Behind With Family Life

 This week, I interview my friend and ex business partner Stephen Walsh.

Stephen is CEO of Anders Pink, and a co-founder of Kineo and Buzz Sumo. He's also a highly talented and published author.

Stephen had 3 children in the decade he grew Kineo to be a multi-million business with over 200 staff and knows more than anyone what a tightrope it is to build a business while being a dad to three young children.

In this episode we discuss:

The pressure of dividing your attention, particularly when you have really young kids

The role of primal fear in driving you on

Making unspoken deals to manage the tension between work and home

The addictive cycle of busy-ness

Getting real with clients about family life

'Falling behind' with family life

How our kids ground us as 'mini-mindfulness' experts

Role modelling flexibility for our kids

Getting new perspectives on impatience


Whether he wants his kids to follow in his footsteps

You can find out more about Stephen here:

Twitter @stephentwalsh

LinkedIn stephentwalsh


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