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Season 1 Episode 11 – David Key

Seeing Beyond

In this episode I interview David Key.

David Key is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Award Winning Coach, Principles Teacher, NLP Trainer and Master Trainer of Hypnosis dedicated to helping people realise their goals both personally and professionally.

Over the last few years some 55,000 people from over 40 countries have invested in one of David's award-winning, dynamic and innovative online and in-room coaching programs.

Now David is teaching a new understanding in psychology - The Three Principles. Through coaches like David Key it has the power to transform the world.

A leading teacher and practitioner of the revolutionary new paradigm known as The Three Principles, David was one of a select group of coaches to be personally mentored by Doctor George Pransky, the man who was famously described by English philosopher and writer Colin Wilson as "the greatest psychological mind of our time".

The Principles - in David's own words - have 'turned conventional Freudian analysis on its head, sweeping away a century of misunderstandings about the way in which we human beings experience and process reality'.

The insights he has gained have transformed David's life, both personally and professionally, and he now spends all his time taking the message to other trainers and coaches, to businesses and private individuals.

David is also Ambassador for A Slice of Happiness - This is a pro bono program specifically designed to transform the mental health and well-being of the homeless population. (This is a pilot research project funded by 3GPRC)

David lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two daughters.

In this episode we discuss:

  • His journey  from challenging roots in childhood
  • The transformational insight that got him into personal development
  • The grief and then unexpected turnaround in his marriage that came from an affair
  •  The pivotal moment than woke him up to where his experience was coming from
  • How we moved from being thick skinned and self-protective to being open to all life brings
  • Needing to learn to be a loser
  • Being caught up in a story of what a good dad looks like
  • How stress and rumination take you away from the present moment
  • The impossibility of predicting the future
  • How we all search for peace of mind, but don't know it
  • The intellect vs inspiration

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