Season 1 Episode 10 Amechi Udo | Heart of Dad

Season 1 Episode 10 – Amechi Udo

Deep Roots

In this episode I interview Amechi Udo

Amechi Udo, dad of two, helps mid and senior level professionals make desired career transitions through coaching and training.

His company, Your Career Matters, was formed out of his own desire to create a career that allowed him to integrate his home and work life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The tensions and opportunities when both parents are entrepreneurs
  • How early memories of his dad shaped his own direction as a father
  • Having to get practical and take work when his daughter was born
  • The often hidden grieving process we go through about life and ambition when we have children
  •  The importance of having support from a close friend when family isn't able to support in the way you want
  • Men's roles in pregnancy and childbirth
  • The power of his own birth story and name, and wanting his children to know their story
  • How returning to entrepreneurship when his son was born was a relaxed experience
  • How being around for his family is a non-negotiable
  • Being honest with his kids about when he can and can't be present 

The easiest way to connect with Amechi is to email him at with “Career Transition Conversation” in the headline.

Amechi regularly shares career transition tips and insights on LinkedIn where you can also connect with him.

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