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Season 3 Episode 11 – Will McInnes

Bouncing Back

In this episode, I interview Will McInnes

Will McInnes is the CMO at Brandwatch, a leader in digital consumer intelligence and one of Europe's most successful VC-backed software firms.

Prior to that he founded NixonMcInnes, an early innovator in social media marketing.

His book Culture Shock, published by Wiley, outlined a blueprint for practical approaches to digital transformation.

He's dad to two boys and loves riding bikes with them, exploring new places and general adventures outdoors.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • His journey at Brandwatch
  • The thrill of moving from MD of his own business to the CMO role
  • Being a wing person rather than a leader
  • Craving team success
  • The body knows before the mind
  • Walking away from business and the excitement of the new challenge
  • His New York adventure and taking his young family with him
  • Having to come home when his relationship foundered 
  • Re-integrating his life in the UK
  • The upsides and downsides of being demanding
  • The weight of working through divorce
  • The lack of punctuation points in life
  • Being in relentless pursuit of the next thing
  • Accepting vs resisting ageing
  • Different ways to leverage your passions as you age
  • Opening metaphorical doors for his sons
  • Wearing his feelings on his sleeve
  • The edge of directiveness vs inclusiveness
  • Growing up with a very strong female role model
  • The anger switch when scoring own goals
  • Integrating his new relationship into life with his children
  • Bonding with his family through playing Rose, Thorn, Bud  

You can find out more about Will on Twitter: @willmcinnes

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